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Fiasconaro Panettone – Holiday 2013

Fiasconaro ~ still the best tradizionale panettone we have tasted! Handmade in Sicily with fresh candied oranges and raisins, and flavored with two local wines, Marsala and Zibibbo.  Fiasconaro carefully sources their ingredients, and through natural leavening and a long fermentation produces a wonderfully moist, buttery, and gently boozy panettone. Beautifully hand-wrapped to celebrate their 60th anniversary, we offer these delicious panettone in a 500 gram, 750 gram, and 1 kilo size.


Fiasconaro Panettone

Have you tried the delicious Fiasconaro panettone? Handmade in Sicily, this moist and buttery cake is nicely filled with fresh candied orange and sultanas, flavored with Marsala and Zibibbo, and festively wrapped. They’ll be available at our December Open Warehouse Sale in both a 1 kilo and 500 gram size. We’ve tasted a lot of panettone, and think this is the best yet!

Fiasconaro Panettone