Di Stefano Cheese

Di Stefano

Di Stefano is a family owned, boutique-style, artisan cheese dairy in Southern California, combining a commitment for excellence with a lifetime of experience, tradition, and passion for making cheese. Along with their creamy fresh mozzarella, the taste and texture of Di Stefano’s burrata closely reflects their family heritage from Puglia in southern Italy. Di Stefano carefully fills their mozzarella with stracciatella (shredded mozzarella curd) and, uniquely, panna (a special cream imported from Italy). Di Stefano’s dedication to make the most authentic mozzarella and burrata available in the United States is reflected by the international awards and prestigious seals they have collected in the past 10 years. Taste the difference and enjoy!

 Di Stefano Mozzarella   Di Stefano Burrata   Di Stefano Ciliegine Mozzarella