Schmidhauser Cheese


The Schmidhauser family has a long history of cheese production carried on from generation to generation for over a century. When the family left Switzerland to settle in the Haute-Savoie, they came with the ancestral knowledge and the richness of its original traditions. Located in the French Alps, the Haute-Savoie is popular for its beautiful scenery and incredible gastronomy, including, of course, their wonderful cheeses. With full respect of its origins and paying the greatest attention to the quality of its products, Schmidhauser combines tradition and modernism as both an affineur and producer of traditional Haute-Savoie cheeses.

AbondanceAbondance is a cheese made from raw cow’s milk, and has been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. Its name comes from the valley where it is still made to this day. Abondance has a delicate, hazelnut flavor and a soft, creamy texture – the result of local expertise in the preparation of demi-cuit (half-cooked) cheeses. Its gentle and fruity taste is quite seductive. 

Le CousinA specialty cheese from Schmidhauser, Le Cousin is a raw milk alpine dairy cheese. This cheese is unique, as it is made in Switzerland then ripens for eight months in the Schmidhauser cellars in France. And thus was born an exclusive cheese with dual nationality! Le Cousin is a harder cheese, but with a creamy mouth-feel and tons of rich, almost buttery umami flavors finished with a slight kick. 

Le Moelleux du Revard

Le Moelleux du Revard is a washed rind, raw cow’s milk cheese made at the foot of Mont. Revard above Lac du Bourget, and then refined in the cellars of Schmidhauser. Strict specifications and top quality milk make this Schmidhauser specialty an exceptional cheese. Inspired by traditional cheeses of the Bauges Mountains, Moelleux du Revard has a powerful taste marked by its land. Encircled by a spruce belt to maintain its consistency, this cheese is soft (bordering on runny), creamy, and just a little stinky.

Tomette Mi-Chevre

A native of the Pays de la Loire, the Mi-Chevre Tomette a mixed milk cheese, half goat and half raw cow. Mi-Chevre is refined at Schmidhauser for three to five weeks on spruce boards. Mi-Chevre’s soft and airy texture has a mild fruity taste, lightly goaty, and its white crust can bloom yellow dotted with red.